As a pioneer of the UK FinTech Space, Alastair sits in the unique position of engaging the market place as an entrepreneur, investor and regulatory advisor. The insights gained from the parallels and overlaps of these positions have made Alastair a sought after speaker and advisor as financial institutions seek directives for engaging the innovative power of financial technologies to transition their businesses into a digital age.

Alastair’s roles can take numerous forms from keynote speaking and panel participation or moderation to roundtables and business advisory and he is most frequently requested to speak or advise on:

  • Fintech
  • Regulation ( Open banking, GDPR, etc)
  • Building businesses and Entrepreneurship
  • Investment and VC fundraising in technology
  • Business Cuture and Leadership
  • Global Collaboration
  • Transitioning from professional sport into business


If you are interested in having Alastair participate in your event or provide an advisory role, please contact us for more specifics we can help you achieve your digital and fintech goals.

Alastair Lukies

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